The soothing joys of birding

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The soothing joys of birding


The joy of a peaceful soul singing will make any heart settle into serenity. Luckily, regardless of where we live on this continent one of over 10,000 species of birds exist. It has been reported that 361 new bird species are added a year.
When one can slow down enough to admire the simplicity and gentleness with which our featured friends exist, it can bring about a restful state of mind for anyone experiencing the harsh and demanding grind of today’s world.


The simplest way to attract whatever species is visiting your local area, regardless of the season is to install feeders around your home preferably in perfect eye site for you to observe at your leisure. A variety of birds will be attracted to your home with just the simple act of filling the bird feeder, no stamps necessary.


Knowing they’re close to a consistent source of food, birds will begin settling in and around your yard and home as a safe haven is required by all species and birds are no exception. When spring arrives, and nests are built, the freshly hatched next generation will stick around at their parent’s suggestion and carry on their delightful entertainment instinctively.


Coming in all shapes and sizes bird feeders are available at retail stores, online, craft shows and just about anywhere you can purchase bird food. The types and varieties of the food itself are almost as endless as the whimsical feeders.


So if you are interested in creating a safe community, while gaining a priceless education on nature, pick up a feeder, it will do all the work for you.