Michigan Club Lamb Association

Michigan Club Lamb Association

The Michigan Club Lamb Association (MCLA) serves a great purpose and you may be interested in joining or supporting them!

Please read below to find out more information about the club:

Purpose / Mission Statement of the Michigan Club Lamb Association (MCLA) is:
  • To represent club lamb producers in the decision-making process at both state and local levels.
  • To educate our youth in the sheep industry through opportunities and involvement in the MCLA.
  • To promote club lamb industry through sales, advertising, and shows.
History of MCLA

The Michigan Club Lamb Association (MLCA) started in 2003. Producing, marketing, and show club lambs are topics that the MCLA feels should be addressed by the club lamb producers. If you are a club lamb producer, the MCLA recommends you join them to have your voice heard!

Another big focus of the MCLA is promoting and enhancing the knowledge of youth in the sheep industry. The MCLA goal is to develop youth, desired qualities in showmanship, and leadership skills are main focuses of the club. The MCLA provides opportunities for Michigan youth by providing showmanship clinics, educational enrichment, and sponsoring junior shows throughout Michigan.

The MCLA will be sponsoring a Youth Challenge this year. MCLA youth members will have the opportunity to accumulate points at several of the Michigan junior shows. This year offers many opportunities for youth and producers.

Links to the Michigan Club Lamb Association Website

If you would like to learn more about the Michigan Club Lamb Association or potentially join the club, please visit their website here.

View upcoming, and past events here.

Youth challenge information here.

Or contact the MCLA here here.