Get to the Winner’s Circle !

If you show livestock, we can help you get to the winner’s circle!  We carry Kent show feeds, and can also custom mix any formulation for your livestock.  Questions about what you need?  Call us or stop in any time and we will be happy to assist- whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional looking to get to the next level.

Brown City Elevator is proud to offer NON GMO corn and soybean meal feed. We provide custom grind and mix. Call one of our locations for more information.
Brown City: (810) 346-2895 or Peck: (810) 378-5986


Vitaferm is a custom feeding supplement for goat, sheep, cattle, and swine. Vitaferm promotes a healthy digestive system while increasing growth rates and improving conception rates.

Vitaferm carries a diverse line of products: from conception aids to protein power products all created by industry nutritionists and veterinarians.

Vitraferm offers the following benefits: increase first-service conception, increase milk production, increase calf vigor & growth potential, highly fortified vitamin, mineral & organic trace formulas, increase  weight per day of age,  increase stocking rate or ability to withstand drought, tolerance to heat stress & heat toxicity, accelerated appetite, increase dry matter intake, speedy recovery from weaning, overall improved performance and animal health.  Click to learn more and visit the Vitaferm website!


Kent Show Feeds

Kent Show Feeds are formulated with superior nutrition and quality ingredients to optimize the genetic potential of show animals for growth, appearance, and muscle expression.

All Kent Show Feeds products offer:

  • Locked formulas to ensure quality ingredients and consistent nutrition.
  • Complexed trace minerals to increase bio-availability and absorption, improve health, nutrient utilization and hair coat quality.
  • High vitamin levels to improve energy and protein metabolism, feed utilization, immunity and overall health to help fight stress in show environments.
  • ShowBloom™ for superior skin and hair quality, intake and feed utilization, muscle development, tone, and hoof health.

Kent Show Feeds

Purina Show Feeds

We offer a variety of Purina Honor Show Chow feeds. Click here to learn more about Purina Show Feeds.

Purina Show Feeds


Sunglo®  Feeds serves the livestock show industries with nutritional expertise and superior products. We have built our considerable experience in animal nutrition manufacturing by providing products and solutions with a distinctive difference for our customers.

Our Sunglo®  Feeds brand was an early innovator in the fast growing show feed market. With the utilization of nutritionists and research scientists, Sunglo®  Feeds is widely recognized as a leader in this market providing feeds for the rapidly growing livestock exhibition market.

Sunglo®  Feeds is a partner you can count on for integrity, excellence and profound respect for you and your animal nutrition needs.

Sunglo Feeds
Non-GMO corn & soybean meal feed/custom grind and mix

Mixing and grinding is done at our Peck location but available to purchase at both stores.

Organic Poultry Feed starting at $.50 per pound

Special order only – Call for more info